Hi! I'm Ross Whitehouse, I'm a Front-End Developer from Birmingham, UK.
Take a look at my work, and say hello!

I work in Javascript, HTML and CSS. Here's a bit more about me

I built my first crappy WordPress website at 18. The Bachelor's Degree I studied gave me an appreciation for the way we use the internet and a desire to make my own sites and keep learning more about web development. Whilst studying I turned my hand to all sorts from sites for charities and university projects to mock-kickstarter projects, data visualisation and even my final project, a podcast network and hosting site where I take away the technical difficulties in the podcasting process.

I got my first job in a design agency in Birmingham creating WordPress sites for well-known West Midlands-based legal, construction, and lesiure companies. I then worked for a B2B journalism site, for a HTML online games company and for Jaguar Land Rover. Now I'm a React/Python developer working for Hotjar.

Outside of 'the job' I watch tutorials, write blogs and go to meet-ups. If you need any work doing, you're hosting a local web meet-up or you're looking for speakers, please get in touch with me!

Here's some of the things I've made. Some for love, some for money!

  • Land Rover/Jaguar Finance Calculator - I currently work for Connect Group on the JLR finance calculator. This is a React/Redux app using ES6, Babel, Flow and a JAM Stack.
  • TheBusinessDesk.com - In a previous job I designed and build a WordPress multisite for a Birmingham-based business journalism company.
  • Dribuild Construction - As an agency developer I built several WordPress sites for local businesses including this one for Dribuild construction.
  • This website right here! It's a JAM-Stack site build on Gatsby.JS, with a Contentful CMS and hosted on Netlify.
  • Angular Blog - An exercise to use the Angular-CLI using data, showing and hiding components and routing.
  • Vue Monster Game! - A fun project I learned on a Udemy course, sort of like Pokemon but cooler cos I made it in Vue.js!
  • RossWhitehouse.com MK.I - An old WordPress project I used for an early portfolio. Please don't look.

And here's some things I've written! I like to write about new techniques I learn, and tutorials to remind myself how to function.

Check out some blogs I've written about what I do, they've been published on the GatsbyJS website, Front End Weekly and my Medium profile.

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