Hi! I'm Ross Whitehouse, I'm a Front-End Developer from Birmingham, UK.
Take a look at my work, and say hello!

I work in Javascript, CSS and HTML. Here's a bit more about me

I built my first crappy WordPress website at 18. I have a BA that nobody's ever asked me about and I've had a lot of jobs in software, from WordPress Agency Development to React Dev for a major car company to making internal tools in a SAAS company. I love to learn and build stuff.

I work for Hotjar, we make awesome free web analytics tools and have a world-class support team (not-so-humble brag). I'm responsible for making internal tools and debugging users' websites. We're an innovative, progressive, remote-first team that has some crazy perks. We're always hiring.

I'm also a volunteer, mentor and instructor at BlackCodHer, a programme teaching young, unemployed or low-income black women to code.

If you need any work doing, you're looking for tech speakers or you're hosting a local web meet-up, please get in touch with me!

Here's some toys I've made. Like a creepy idea graveyard.

And here's some things I've written! I like to write about new techniques I learn, and tutorials to remind myself how to function.

Check out some blogs I've written about what I do, they've been published on the GatsbyJS website, Front End Weekly and my Medium profile.

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